Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My Little Game Jam: Mini Game Jam

Mini Game Jam
The folks over at My Little Game Jamhave decided to hold monthly contests called "Mini Game Jams", and unlike the main events there is no requirement for theentriesto include their source (although the game must still be made from scratch). Apparently one started rlier today, and it lasts for 48 hours. If you have an awesome id for a fangame, now is the perfect time to crte it (unless you want to wait for the next full-sized game jam that will start later on this yr). Shame I wasn't alrdy busy with my own fangame, or I would participate in the event myself.
Oh yh, and on a somewhat unrelated note it seems that the My Little Game Dev forums are going to stay down for a couple days while its crtor sets something up (think it was a new domain name or something).

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