Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Blacklight Tango Down


Blacklight: Tango Down deliver killer multiplayer gameplay available in the shooter egory and ftures numerous gameplay styles and functionality. These modes include traditional formats like Dthmatch, Tm Dthmatch & Control Point, with other modes being announced in the build up to launch.
Blacklight Tango Down is a fast-paced FPS based in a new fictitious universe called Blacklight. By using the cutting-edge graphical power of Epic Games Unrl Engine 3, Blacklight Tango Down nr-future setting is brought to life with disturbingly detailed and old-world architecture comes with modern sci-fi lighting and brightly lit advertisements, an effect that causes ch environment to appr both futuristically alien as well as hauntingly familiar. Blacklight: Tango Down will set itself apart from other games by virtue of its incredibly deep customization ftures. Players will be able to alter and upgrade not only their character through experience gained on the battlefield, but also their wpons. Wpon customizations will unlock as the player gains skill and experience points and will include more basic add-ons like sniper scopes as well as more complex enhancements, such as improved accuracy.

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