Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Skate 3

Description SKATE 3 ftures an all-new co-op mode where tmmates can complete challenges together while advancing ch other’s careers. From rewarding epic bails and fails with a beefed up Hall of Mt mode to honing your craft with the all-new skate.School, players of all skill levels have multiple ways to “kill it” in the game. The franchise also continues to raise the bar for user crted content with the skate.Crte fture suite, an innovative toolset that empowers gamers to truly express their skate style by crting their own graphics, s, and skate parks.

Tm Up. Thrown Down. The award-winning SKATE franchise returns to brk new ground with SKATE 3. Delivering the definitive co-op skateboarding experience, it's up to players to build the ultimate tm and change the face of the city. Get rdy to take on unique tm challenges, compete against rival crews online and shred the streets of the all new skaters’ paradise, Port Carverton.

In SKATE 3, gamers make the magic happen. Skate.Crte gives players all the tools to crte custom content for their tm for both private use and to share with the world. Players can design their drm plaza or mega-ramp park with the all-new Skate.Park. They can also capture their tm in action with the expanded Skate.Reel for tm based crtion. Or design a custom logo for their tm with the improved Skate.Graphics web tool and hit the streets in style.

SKATE 3 delivers all the camaraderie and competition of skateboarding. New tricks, improved off board actions, and gnarly Hall of Mt carnage mixed with exciting new tm-based gameplay takes SKATE 3 to a new level of skateboarding fun.

Tm Up. Throw Down. - Work together to take on challenges and progress together through the career campaign or slay all suckers in hd-to-hd competitive battles for bragging rights. Players can keep tabs on the happenings of their tmmates and rivals with Skate.Feed, the all-new game and web social network.
New City, More Tricks, More Skate - Say hello to darkslides, underflips, and the all-new skate mecca, Port Carverton - fturing unique districts, plazas, skateparks and endless lines, this is the true skater's paradise.

Build a Brand, Become a Mogul - Form tms and rise up to become a skate industry mogul by selling boards. From completing online challenges to crting skate parks to having your graphics downloaded, almost everything skaters do in the game counts towards their progression.

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