Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Cue dramatic fanfare. “Set in the world forged by the God of Light, two races fight for their survival in Dimensity.” You’ve got your “noble humans” and your evil Firbo. As usual, chaos ensues and it’s swords and arrows time. Dimensity takes the typical fantasy storyline and inserts its names where necessary. It’s been seen thousands of times before and it’ll take a very young gamer to not feel a severe case of déjŕ vu. It’s akin to watching Lord of the Rings, but with all the fun and exciting parts removed. We mustn’t be too harsh, after all Dimensity’s story is confluent and has a beginning, middle and end, but it won’t be winning Oscars or even any mental notice. The cut scenes will be skipped and the dialogue avoided. It’s perfectly acceptable to play Dimensity as a collection of linked missions without any of the hogwash in between.

Credited to Skullptura for compressing the game
1.extract dimensity with 7-zip
2. run setup.bat
3. play and enjoy

pass: boxxers

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