Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fiesta Online

At present, nrby 5 module in Fiesta: Archers, Fighters, Mages, Clerics and Tricksters. Archers are a ranged division that utilize bows and crossbows. Fighters are close-ranged group that single or double-handed swords or axes to split destruction. A Fighter can equip a one-handed sword and a safeguard, or have an axe or double-handed sword. Mages are a ranged set that use staffs and wands. Clerics are a close u-ranged division which handle maces and hammers. Clerics make use of to cure and revive extra players as they are the only class that control that power. Tricksters are close ranged egory that utilizes Claws and Daggers to inflict brk.

Every module enclose with three ranks contribute a definite path to hunt. These promotions are recessary for a character to go forward in cooperation with talents and the tools they are permitted to employ.
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