Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ion Assault

ION ASSAULT unlshes the graphics power of the Xbox 360 to provide more than just eye candy - Wield thousands of Ion Particles to blast, fry and disrupt anything on screen as you see fit!

Gameplay with a twist by centering its gameplay around its unique fluid and particle physics system, it adds a twist to arcade style space shooters!

Anyone can play: Utilizing its dynamic level intensity, It is both accessible for the beginner as well as challenging for the skilled gamer. The faster you destroy obstacles, the more enemies the game will throw at you, so play it safe and clr one obstacle at a time or go crazy and see how many enemies the game can throw at you for a maximum score!

Wield thousands of Ion Particles.
Blast 30 different enemies using a variety of patterns to attack.
Travel through 4 sectors, ch guarded by a huge boss!
Bt the game on your own or with the help of a friend in coop!
Bt your friends locally or via Xbox LIVE® in the unique versus-mode that offers its own gameplay mechanics!
Conquer the lderboard by mastering the innovative multiplier-based scoring mechanic.

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