Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Max Payne 3


When Major Sn ~censored~? F-15 crashes over Utah, everything looks like an accident. However, as the wreck is recovered, ~censored~ is gone, and with him the F-15?s ddly cargo: a new eration warhd.

Ethan Hunt?s mission is clr: the warhd has to be recovered before ~censored~ is able to sell it, and ~censored~, along with the possible buyer, a former Russian eral, with unknown intentions, have to be eliminated.
However, all too soon Hunt rlizes that things aren?t as they seem, and suddenly finds himself right in the line of fire. In his quest to gain answers, Hunt hits upon a conspiracy that puts doubts upon the trustworthiness of his own ranks, and change everything he believed in.

He has nothing to rely on.
And nobody left to trust.

But whoever is trying to deceive him ? they have obviously forgotten with whom they have to dl?

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