Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Greys Anatomy The Game

Description: The doctors of Sttle Grace Hospital dl with life-or-dth consequences on a daily basis — it’s in one another that they find comfort, friendship and, at times, more than friendship. Together they’re discovering that neither medicine nor relationships can be defined in black and white. Rl life only comes in shades of grey. In this all-new adventure based on the hit show, players interact with the well-known faces from the series as they move from critical medical operations to life-affirming romantic entanglements. Ftures: * Allows you to truly experience the world of Grey’s Anatomy through the eyes of a doctor, the hands of a surgeon, the mind of a professional and the hrt of a romantic.
* Play as the Stars: For the first time ever, play as Meredith, Derek, Cristina or any of your favorite cast members, with 3-D character models based on the original actors’ likenesses. See the state of Sttle Grace Hospital’s cast as it dls with one of the worst crises in the hospital’s history!
* Influence the Storyline: Influence character dialogue and make critical decisions that affect the outcome of the storyline and the state of the hospital.
* Perform Surgeries: Take hold of your mouse to perform multi-step surgeries as you tackle life or dth situations in the operating room.
* Accessible Gameplay: User-friendly interface and innovative gameplay allows players to sily enjoy the game. Relse name: Greys Anatomy
re: Action | Simulation
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