Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Group SKIDROW have relsed a rlly interesting looking game, its called Helldorado and its a western style strategy game. I had a look at the and it looks like it could be pretty fun, so ill be giving it a go.

Helldorado is a Wild West Tactical Action & Strategy game based on the universe crted by Spellbound for its previous games. It continues on from where Western Commando ended and gives players the opportunity to answer some of the mysterious questions left open. But it also offers a well balanced and self-contained story for those players who didn?t play those games at all.

* 60 different enemies with tactical behavior driven by our advanced AI system
* Multi-character game play: Play as 6 different characters, ch with different specialist skills, abilities, and wponry.
* 3 levels of difficulty
* Mode: Record your heroic deeds
* Wild West: Experience truly authentic Wild West loions on the PC, from a stormy train robbery to bloody sunsets and butiful old New Orlns, and more
* Technology: Switch between tactical view & actions view smlessly, Bloom and HDR rendering, nVidia PhysX technology
* Wpons and Equipment: 6 shooter pistol, shotguns, rifle, bow and arrow, derringer, knifes, tomahawks and other wpons found in an 1880?s arsenal

1. Unpack relse
2. Mount or it
3. Install game
4. Copy the content from SKIDROW dir to your distination dir
5. Play the game

-OS: XP/Vista
-Processor: Pentium 4 @ 1.5 GHz or Athlon Equivalent
-Memory: 512 MB
- Memory: 128 MB
-Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
-DirectX: 9.0c
-board & Mouse
- Rom Drive

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