Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Football Superstars

Football Superstars (2009/ENG)
PC Game | Window | Cyber | 766.73 Mb

Football Superstars - this is an unusual sport online game, unlike the usual multiplayer football manager. The main fture of Football Superstars is the level of the project - a full three-dimensional game with a modern engine and decent detail. The main gameplay difference between the new game from the old managers is that the player controls the tm players are not that much of the time acting independently, and one character from the tm, playing side by side with the characters of his friends against a tm of live opponents. The game will be rlized matches of different levels - between the tms from 3 to 11 players. The player will have to develop your character and otachivat their own skills - rction and the ability to quickly orient themselves in a difficult strategic situation. For successful existence in the game world will need to rn money and move from one tm to another. In the game world can become a star, and spend large sums of money rned at their whim. In Football Superstars are not only , but also social elements. In the initial stages of the game characters are not available for major championships, but he has not the teeth. The larger the tm, the more chaos may occur on the playing field - ch competitor may seek to score a goal, even if he should be the defender. Only after long training in the close-knit group of players the tm will be successful in winning major matches. If aplayer entry-level does not always know their position on the field, the virtual tm of professionals will behave no worse than the rl athletes in the world championship.
To achieve serious gaming purposes must choose for themselves the best football Role - this will be difficult. Then it is necessary gradually assembling a tm, picking up players on the missing positions. When clayer knows his role, gradually become available full matches 11 to 11 players. Rookie player must be clrly understood that in a big fight it will be called very soon - it needs hard work. With incrsing experience of thecharacter will become available spectacular football tricks.Football Superstars promises to be a difficult game for fans of this grt sport.
When crting the game developers have tried as far as possible away from the casual games, where, for example, need only time to click on one of 3-8 buttons for game action ... or worse - where all events occur in text mode. InFootball Superstars a full three-dimensional engine, where the camera is mounted about both the first-person shooters. From FPS borrowed not only the apprance, but also management - fans of shooters, probably sy to lrn the movementsin the game.
Shine in the game world can be not only the skills and athletic achievements, but also an unusual apprance: the player can choose for your character memorable apprance and extravagant hairstyle. In the game a strong social component - life is boiling, not only on the football field, but also in bars and clubs where you can meet friends and discuss the latest news. Original title: Football Superstars
Relsed: 2009
re: RPG (MMORG) / Sport (Soccer) / 3D / Online-only Massively multiplayer
Developer: Monumental Games
Issued: Cyber
Language: English
Size: 766.73 Mb Installation: file "FS_Installer"
3.Finish! System requirements:
Operating system: XP or Vista
Processor: 1.8GHz Pentium CPU
Memory: 512MB
: nVidia Geforce 4 with 128MB
Sound card: compatible with DirectX 9.0c
Available at Railway: 4GB
-ROM speed: 4x


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