Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Woody Woodpecker Racing

Woody Woodpecker Racing Portable | 20.04MB

Woody Woodpecker Racing Portable The nuttiest cartoon bird ever is riding into laugh-out-loud action in WOODY WOODPECKER RACING for the Sega Drmcast. Get in your go-kart and zip down to the zany lanes in arcade-style, fuel-ing competition. Choose from a variety of beloved Walter Lantz characters like Chilly Willy, Wally Walrus, Buzz Buzzard, and Woody himself and blaze across more than 15 challenging tracks like Ar 51 and Pebble Bch in exotic locales like Japan, Italy, and Brazil. There are eight different cars to choose from and you'll upgrade them as you go into flying saucers, hovercrafts, and other quirky contraptions. In Quest mode, you'll race around difficult obstacles and unlock bonus when you overcome them, while Challenge Mix has youracing on different tracks and in a variety of vehicles in an attempt to meet rigorous requirements. You also get a Multiplayer mode that lets you face off against your friends in kart-bumping, kooky competition. Single Race and Time Trial modes round out the fthery roadracing shenanigans.


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