Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Volvo: The Game

Has just been relsed for the PC Volvo - The Game, a game of race extremely rlistic and free for download, fturing visual, gameplay and other ftures found only in level with big productions paid. It is a unique opportunity for you to download a title with such quality and without paying a penny for it.

It is developed by the crtor of the GTR group, one of the most successful simulator in the sport. Thus, you need to be an expert pilot to see the circuit, since aspects such as physics and inertia are taken very seriously in this game.


Simulation for who is good at the wheel

That is the phrase that best describes the gameplay and technical aspects of Volvo - The Game. It is not enough out speeding and making curves in any way to overcome the most difficult levels, as is possible in games that emphasize more the style of Arcade game.

To win you must pay close attention in the traces, entering the curves inside and outside the tantial zebra in the best way, accelerating the exits and frndo before they enter, as in rl life.

Several times the Volvo portrayed in the game.

The cars respond very well to commands and any slip could be crucial in the race, so that you sily lose several positions in a curve or poorly done resume. Anyone who has experienced the classic simulation, such as Gran Turismo or TOCA know that we are talking about.

You can choose between three levels of difficulty in controlling the vehicle. Novice is for beginners, with ABS and assistance to facilitate the race, while the Pro mode removes all types of aid, lving you in a much more difficult control of the vehicle.

Pictures of last eration

Another point that certainly draws attention in Volvo - The Game graphics are displayed on it. The textures, models of cars and effects are of very high level, worthy of the best productions in the re, including games paid.

The machines are very true to rl life models, and you can even drive the car with a broad vision of the cockpit, which for the fans by the simulation is even more exciting and challenging, as you view the entire layout of the way that a pilot would in rlity.

There are several cars of different eras, from the oldest to the company's newest S60 Concept, the model promoted by the game. In some you can also change the color of the car according to the styles used by rl corridors of vehicles.


Quick Race - If you do not care about championships or do not like to run alone, how to run fast is more appropriate. There, simply choose one of the routes available, your car, and from some basic settings for the track, without further compliions.

Time Attack - This mode of play is suitable for those who want to challenge yourself inside the tracks, competing for the best times in ch one. You can run as often as you like, looking enhance your curves, making it a more competitive fashion.

Competition - You must hold a to enter this fast style of play. Just fill out the required fields correctly, awaiting the arrival of an e-mail confirmation of their data, which may take a while to happen.

XP Home / Pro, Vista / 7
Processor: 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 or 100% compatible
Memory: 1GB RAM
Hard Drive: 1 GB free space
???????: DirectX 9 compatible graphics card with 128 MB memo


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