Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Updates: Rainbow Dash Shooter / A Chaotic Crisis

Merry Tuesday! It's a smaller updates post this time around - everyone's mired in the January doldrums, it seems. Hd down past the brk for a new Chaotic Crisis demo as well as updates from the Rainbow Dash Shooter project!

A Chaotic Crisis

A Chaotic Crisis Demo Download
WaltzBrony, developer of A Chaotic Crisis, recently relsed a demo for the upcoming title! So far, the game is pretty basic - trot around in three different locales, collecting crystals to incrse your harmony level and make progress towards your eventual goal of freeing Princess Celestia.
Interaction with the various ponies is the game's strongest point so far: although the stylized pony sprites and animations are far from perfect, they remain visually interesting. Mnwhile, the game's voice acting, especially the voice of Discord, is far less cringe-worthy than in most projects of this size. The game certainly has promise, although in several respects, namely the MS paint-esque backgrounds and the bland, blob-like enemies you're required to walk around, it still has a ways to go.
Rainbow Dash Shooter

Here's a project we haven't hrd from in a while! The Rainbow Dash Shooter now ftures new OC manes and accessories, a new color picker utility, and a few bug fixes. Overdose is now a power-up, mning you'll have to deft larger enemies to collect Overdose Cupcakes and recharge it.
Play Rainbow Dash Shooter

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