Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II PVDFormat: ISOISO Size: 2.47GBLanguage: English
This is the 4 version converted to .Latest and are included in a folder in the ISO.Covers (both & format) are also in the same folder.
Installation:1) or Mount ISO2) Install game
*note* At the end of installation the setup will ask for the Play disc just click OK and the setup will finish (it won't affect anything, everything is installed)3) Update game with 1.0b loed in ' - - Cover' folder4) Replace .exe with the one from ' - - Cover' folder5) Play the game!


Vista Fix!:

KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC II: THE SITH LORDS MODIFIION ====================================================== FILENAME:Kotor2 Vista fix FILE SIZE:364 KB DATE RELSED:12/28/07DESCRIPTION:This is a fix for vista's annoying incapabilaty to play TSL without trying to start it about 5-9 times. It turns out that while Kotor and TSL have the same file ( apliion extention, very important), they were made very differently from ch other, and after cutting it open and gouging it, me and my friends were able to makeit almost exactly like the Kotor one (but not exactly the same).
INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS:Put this in your Kotor 2 main directory, not your override. It will ask to overwrite a file of the same name. Do it. (back up the original, though.) If you don't have 7zip or winRAR, you can get the online for free (I recommend 7zip).

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