Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Space Rangers 2 Reboot

Space Rangers 2: Dominatory. Reboot - addition to the famous game of" Space Rangers 2: Dominatory. 3300. Our galaxy has undergone invasion dominatorov - combat robots, left out of control. The coalition of five races - Maloqs, Brings, people Faeyans and Gaalians - relies on space rangers to destroy dominatorov.

Now you Ranger. Choose your race, get a ship going to the road. Fight in space and hyperspace. Engage in trade. Undertake government job. Free the planet from dominatorov. And, of course, solve quests text, ch of which is a separate adventure.

As the events will develop - it is impossible to predict. The game may end up winning any party, or last indefinitely. It all depends on the player's actions and the inhabitants of the natural world, where you can make a career as a pirate or a heinous celebrated hero who dl in the causes of the emerce dominatorov and be able to stop this bloody war.

* 20 new text quests
* 27 new maps for planetary battles
* New government jobs
* New equipment and unique body, including three super-ship
* New game modes: stdy flow of all text quests and planetary battles
* Advanced interface hold and information center
* 10 new maps to battle in the hyper-space

Size: 1,4 GB


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