Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Secret Service Ultimate Sacrifice

Secret Service: Ultimate Sacrifice give you a unique opportunity to try on clothes Secret Service at, whose task - the protection of the first people of the state and attempted attacks. Step Secret Service is set on the day of inauguration of U.S. President in Washington. That day extremists planning an attack on the capital and a of terrorist acts.
The situation is further complied by the fact that all points to the fact that the security service of the President is a traitor, «confluent» information extremists. But find out who is friend and who is the enemy - there is no time. No time to negotiate with terrorists. The main character takes the only correct solution. You have to take matters into their own hands and defend themselves first of the State. You will receive an incredibly tough decisions and act in various situations and conditions, including aircraft, Mr. President and the United States Air One helicopter Marine One.



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