Wednesday, May 11, 2016

RPG Maker VX: War of Harmony Demo and MLP Starting Pack

Ahhh, RPG Maker VX. As an sy framework for crting Pony RPGs, it's spawned its fair share of poorly conceived games. Fortunately, the degree to which custom scripting and development is possible has allowed the development of several outstanding projects as well!
Regardless, RPG Maker is still a grt engine for new developers to experiment with. Today, we have a starting resource pack and the demo for the upcoming project War of Harmony Part 4 below the brk!
Play the War of Harmony Part 4 DemoDownload and install the RPG VX Ace zip file first!

War of Harmony Part 4 is a fledgling project set apart by its custom pony sprites and implementation of a karma system (good and evil actions progress the story in different directions). The spriting isn't yet complete (a fact lampshaded by Pinkie Pie at the beginning of the demo) but what currently exists is ntly scripted and shows promise.
Currently, the demo has enough material to keep you occupied for about an hour. If you like the game, give developer Marshall Ruffy a holler viaTwitter or Facebook - he's looking for recruits!
MLP Starter Pack Automatic Download
If the large of RPG Maker VX fangames out there have inspired you to make one for yourself, you might be daunted by the amount of resources needed - you'll need to accrue a large of pony sprites, tilesets, a pony-themed audio library, and more.

Fortunately, the preceding starter pack contains sprites and portraits for the Mane Six and many background ponies, the Celestia Medium Redux font and some audio files for sy access. Happy developing!

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