Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Rise of the Clockwork Stallions (Musicians Needed)

Rise of the Clockwork Stallions

Back in April a guy named ChurchCrusade relsed a grt My Little Pony platformer namedMagic Shards. Eventually a sequel was announced to be under development and a rather impressivedemowas given to us in August. It is currently halfway under development, but the tm is in need of some more musicians. You see, Rise of the Clockwork Stallions is very big for a fangame, with over seven worlds that contain six levels with their own soundtracks. That's 42sounds for the levels alone; and even more are needed for the overworld, cutscenes, etc. As can be seen from the embedded playlist above the tm alrdy has a large portion of their quota done, but they could rlly use some extra help.

Feel like helping out the tm by contributing some music of your own? Then contact ChurchCrusade viaTwitter, Stm, or Skype. Happy composing!

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