Wednesday, May 11, 2016

RignRoll Symulation

Softlab NSK (producer)
1C / Cenega (editor)
simulations (Car) / strategic (economic)
November 27, 2009 (worldwide relse date)
currently no plans to relse (the date of issue in Poland)
play modes: single / multiplayer
multiplayer: LAN / Internet
age requirements: everyone
requirements: Pentium 4 2 GHz, 1 GB RAM, graphic card 128 MB (GeForce FX 5700 or better), XP / Vista

Continuing published by Buka Entertainment series "Hard Truck. Action "Rig'n'Roll" imprisoned in 2024. The player takes the role of a young entrepreneur who had just arrived in California and plans to expand his own business here. Decides to carry various goods. At the start, however, has a small amount of cash. This will allow him to buy the cest one truck and adoption orders.

"Rig'n'Roll" rules games left virtually unchanged (in relation to the "Hard Truck"), but the game introduces many new elements. The main difference is the size of the map. A player can move the virtual Calif., waiting for him, both small villages, as well as the famous American cities - San Fran, Los Angeles or San Diego. The important thing is that it is not restricted to asphalt roads, and at any time may find valuable shortcuts.

Authors' Rig'n'Roll "put special emphasis on rlism. During the game sit behind the wheel of rl trucks. Their models have been mapped in detail, in particular regard to their interiors, which are observed by a large part of the game. Another innovation is a reliable model of damage. Accidents, even minor collisions are affecting the performance and apprance-controlled trucks. The game runs on an entirely new three-dimensional enginie through which the graphics are more detailed. In particular regard to the environment, which in games of the series "Hard Truck" was mostly static and underdeveloped.

The whole game is based on dowo┼╝eniu goods to the destinations. The player is certainly not alone on the board. At all times must compete with many other carriers who are trying to overtake him. To succeed, you should find a compromise between ride as far as prudent, and arriving at the first place. Further incrse the prestige of the outputs as controlled so that it can take more difficult, but better paid jobs. In contrast to the series of "Hard Truck" game has been blessed with the plot. In the remainder of the game there is a need to manage the entire company. The player buys another truck, hires drivers and set their journey.


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