Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Raridoom Beta

Raridoom Beta Download

Ahh, Mondays. Good time for a first-person changeling smackdown? Yes. Actually, that holds for pretty much any day of the week.
Raridoom is actually a ponified mod ofChex Quest(rd: Doom), with spells, hand-to-hand combat, and voice acting. Difficulty settings are a huge bonus: if it was too sy the first time around, crank the setting to Nightmare Mode and see if you can still knock corrupted Bon Bon for a loop. Posters with slogans like "The Queen is Watching You" stered around the dungeon corridors add a touch of humor to the otherwise drry setting. Also, make sure to select the menu option marked "Rd This!" to get a hang of the controls.
The beta's still a little rough around the edges: the title screen could use a revamp, and starting certain levels on certain difficulties caused the game to spit errors. Still, if you're a Doom fan, this is a project you won't want to miss - bon appetit!

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