Wednesday, May 11, 2016

PT Boats: Knights Of The S

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Language: English
Medicine: Present

Description: This game - about the naval battles of WWII. On the historical battles at s, which hitherto has not been devoted to the single computer simulator. On the capture of Norway, the hunt for pirates, the defense of Soviet communiions.

This is a game about the war, the main character - torpedo boats. So-called "mosquito fleet" - the military court with a slight displacement: trawlers, boats, patrol. These fast and maneuverable ships were widely used during World War II.

In the course of the missions the player can freely switch between two modes: command of all the ships at a time or to manage a crew of one boat.
In tactical mode the player controls the course of the battle: specifies the rate of motion of the squadron, giving orders to ch of the ships to make the maneuver, etc. It may be possible at any time move to the deck of any controlled boat - personally take the helm, firing machine guns at air targets, let torpedoes into enemy warships.

A characteristic fture of the game will be a historical accuracy. Mission are based on actual combat operations of World War II. Ships and aircraft are modeled on the prototype of these combat vehicles, of which you can find information in the online encyclopedia.

Game ftures:
- The game combines elements of strategy, tactics and action simulator
- The player can control ch crew member individually or to order a group of ships
- Flexible configuration allows you to drastically change the complexity of the game
- Models of military equipment recrted from actual historical documents
- All game objects obey the laws of physics present
- Unparalleled in its buty and rlism of the s
- Support for Direct X10 and dual-core processors

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