Wednesday, May 11, 2016



One thing we don't have nrly enough of these days is roguelikes, and not just in the Brony fandom either. Then again, it's probably because everybody has been too busy playing Net (which, in all seriousness, can take yrs to bt) and The Binding of Isaac to make their own contributions to the re, but some Russian guy has decided to finally give the pony fandom what it deserves: a My Little Pony roguelike. Don't be fooled by the ASCII graphics; PonyRL is very sy to pick up and play, especially since it can be played in the browser instd of the traditional Unix terminal.

Mind you, the game is still in beta and incomplete, so the crtor would rlly like some feedback (preferably on the PonyRL My Little Game Dev thrd). He also doesn't spk English natively, so the game may contain its fair share of typos.

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