Wednesday, May 11, 2016

ODD Society

Platform: PC
egory: Action Adventure
Publisher: Other
Relse: 2010/02/03
Size: 527.4 MB

Meet the ODDs, a crtive and hard-working race of people. As the story begins, the ODDs have just escaped from the evil Factory Tower step into the outside world for the very first time…. Will you help ODD Boy – an energetic young ODD with a special talent – in his quest to build a village for his friends and family?


* Explore a butiful and cartoonish 3D world to find and gather the natural resources needed for the village construction
* Take on quests to build all sorts of buildings: forge, warehouse, houses, bridges…
* Talk to colorful characters – such as ODD Boy’s parents and sister – to acquire valuable tools
* Experience a humorous and unique storyline as you discover what life is in the ODD Society
* sy and fun gameplay for all ages!

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