Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My Little Game Dev Marathon Compilation

My Little Game Dev MarathonOur affiliates over at the My Little Game Dev forums recently held a marathon event, and the results just came in. 11 games in total were completed, along with 6unfinished projects and 6 additional games just thrown in for the heck of it. That brings us to a total of 23 new games, most of which we will be reviewing in the nrby future.
The entire compilation can be downloaded here, but below the brk we have a list of the games along with descriptions, screenshots and whatnot.

Completed Projects
CannonistaPlatform: Flash/Crtor:l3gionnaireDescription:You play as pinkie. getting shot out of a cannon, collecting cake.Download
Equestria War SkirmishPlatform:Crtor:Dark_XDescription:A demo for a simple RPG with only a Skirmish mode.Download
Help SnowdropPlatform:Crtor:VanniDescription:You are blind and need to do various things. Multiple endings. There's not much else to say.Download
Luna WanderPlatform: (Blender Game Engine)Crtor:jach-marsdonponyDescription:A 3d sandbox game where you play as Luna as she spends her 1000 yrs on the moon.Nothing but rocks, stars and a ball, but the moon isn't as empty as you first thought...Download (x32)(x64)
My Little Pony Adventure (unnamed game)Platform:FlashCrtor:SonicFFVIIDescription:Ponyville has been hit by a spell casted by an unknown character causing everypony to vanish through portals stered in ponyville going to weird ars of candy, fabric and more to save all the ponies who are captured in a stone prison and find who has been capturing all the ponies. Twilight and her friends were saved by twilight's protection bubble spell and didn't vanish and turn to stone but as they go through the ghost town of ponyville they find that the portals have been crted by ponyville landmarks such as town hall or sugar cube corner.Download
Pinkie or Not PinkiePlatform:HTML5Crtor:shield7Description:Play as Twilight as you try to destroy all the fake Pinkies and save the rl one.Download
Pink Pone ActionPlatform:Crtor:AnnaDescription:Oh no! Alligator has been kidnapped! Pinkpone must travel across the land to rescue friend!Download
PONISUPlatform:Crtor:VanniDescription:It's NASU from Yume Nikki. With pony. If you have played it alrdy, there's nothing to explain. If you don't, you jump and collect stuff. Simple. To understand everything else, you need to play Yume Nikki.Download
Primaeval ThrtPlatform:HTMLCrtor:OracionsDescription:An HTML gamebook with about 120 pages. Walk the World Custodian Techna through the Ancient Pyramid, fighting traps and ultimately the big bad (unless you get him over to the good side, of course, as is common in MLP)DownloadPlay Online
Rare AdventuresPlatform:Crtor:manfartwishDescription:A exploring shooter, a parody and homage to old atari games like adventure.Download
Shh (joke game)Platform:Flash (Stencyl)Crtor:VanniDescription:Just rd the title.Download
The MoonPlatform: (although builds for other platforms are possible via theSource )Crtor:JunkerKunDescription:A short visual novel about Luna's time on the Moon. First episode (this one) has "Escape the room" game type elements.Download
Unfinished Projects
PartyPlatform:Crtor:WishdrmDescription:None provided, and I get errors when I try opening this in Wine so...yh. Also, I'm not 100% sure if this screenshot is from this game or not. :/Download
Mega Mare (cancelled by tm)
Platform:Crtor:UnknownDescription:Probably has something to do with Megaman.Download (New)(Old)
My Little 1-Up
Platform:Probably Crtor:Most likely WishdrmDescription:Could be anything.Download
Pipsquk's Thunder Plunder - The Pretend Game - The Game
Platform:Yup, againCrtor:>WishdrmDescription:Some game with Pipsquk and pirates. Looks rlly promising, but still a work in progress. Also, have more gameplay footage.Download
Rainbow the Dash - Cupcake Pickup
Platform:A commonly-used operating system.Crtor:Chances are, it's probably Wishdrm.Description:Sweet Celestia I'm so bored...Download
Winter Make-Up
Platform:. What else would it be? AmigaOS?Crtor:Somebody.Description:This game most likely involves Rarity.Download (regular)(GMS build)
Special Additives
AttorneyOnline: My Little Mercs Full BuildPlatform:?Crtor:Not sure.Description:Folks on theCloudsdale grouptell me that it's basically an online version of Phoenix Wright with ponies, so I'll have to take their word for it.Big Fat Download
PrincessCivilizationPlatform: again.Crtor:I forgot his name 3:Description:Some 4X strategy game that we reviewed rlier.Download
Equestrian CrisisPlatform:I'm getting kind of sick of writing "" all the time.Crtor:Dark_XDescription:A 2D platform adventure/sandbox using various MLP:FiM characters. Use Shift+C then type in '' to unlock some things. Recommended to play with a friend!Download
The UnknownPlatform: (Blender Game Engine)Crtor:jach-marsdonponyDescription:You wake up in a dark forest. This can't end well...Download
Rainbow Dash in Sonic 2's Emerald Hill
Platform:You should know by now.Crtor:Some Sonic fanboyDescription:Ew, Sonic.Download
...And it's over. Finally.

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