Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Moorhuhn Soccer

Football ... A wonderful sport!
You've got the flag hanging out your window, the scarf's round your neck, the beer's in the fridge and your other half's gone out with her best friend - life can be so sweet ...

But suddenly you're overcome by that feeling of powerless rage: star players with high pay cheques are crawling around the pitch as if they were being forced to do it. Managers provide unavoidable proof of their incompetence, it's plain for all to see that the referee is blind as a bat, and the television set packs up in the middle of the final ...
It is for moments such as these that Moorhuhn Soccer was crted - the ultimate aggression killer for stressed-out football fanatics!

In Moor Kick, you choose a tm from among 11 nations you?ve always wanted to sweep off the pitch! It's elating to watch the pitch getting emptier and emptier ... The manager, the substitute, the photographer, even the spectators are simply swept away. It's such a liberating experience! And the points entered in the international online high-score table show the whole world just how skilled you are.
Power Goal is the game where you can demonstrate your skill at the bicycle kick. While managers kick balls from all angles imaginable, you remain completely cool: judge the angle, jump to the idl height at just the right moment - and score! Of course, the grtest skill can only be proven by scoring a double goal...


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