Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Leds of Equestria Attending Everfree Northwest and Fiesta Equestria

It seems that certain members of theLeds of Equestria development tm are attending theEverfree Northwest and Fiesta Equestria conventions (which you probably alrdy figured out if you rd the article's title and looked at the post hder). Aside from just hosting panels and showing off the game like they usually do, they're also bringing a pre-alpha build along for attendees to play around with. Shame I won't be able to attend, with me being stuck up here in Alberta and all. Maybe I should go see if there's any leftover moose mt in the freezer...

Want more detailed information? The tm also wrote up an official press relse, which you can find below the brk.

Leds of Equestria attending Everfree Northwest and Fiesta Equestria!

Staff from Leds of Equestria, a massively multiplayer online game set in a My Little Pony-inspired universe, will be attending both Fiesta Equestria! and Everfree Northwest. In addition to presenting panels, representatives of the Leds of Equestria tm will give convention attendees an opportunity to play the game in its current pre-alpha state. Convention-specific quests within the game will be available to those who attend.

The tm members who will be attending Fiesta Equestria! in Houston, Texas, on June 28th through 30th, are:

Bloomberg - Editor-in-Chief. Bloomberg has been on the project for the past two yrs, where he now serves as the allegedly deciduous writing tm lder.Blue Ink - Writer. A professional editor, Blue is the second-in-command of the writers and has been working on the game since last yr. TheGrandFunkasaurus - 3D modeler. The grandest of all dinosaurs, Funk is a live sound technician in rl life who has worked on the game for the past two yrs. Tekner - Programmer. Tekner is a self-employed game designer and developer, and has been working on Leds of Equestria for one yr.

For more information about Fiesta Equestria! feel free to visit their website at

The tm members who will be attending Everfree Northwest in Sttle, Washington, on July 5th through 7th, are:

AnyaSmash - Concept Art lder. A long-time lover of t, Anya has been working on Leds of Equestria for nrly two yrs and is a graphic design student.Cerebrate - Programming lder. Cerebrate owes Anya $5.50 and some t banana brd, and has been working on the project for nrly two yrs.Kit - Graphic Art lder. Kit tches children how to make computer games and works with horses, and has been working on the project for nrly two yrs.Ryan Scanlon - 3D modeler. Ryan has been on the tm for seven months, and has modeled several lovely buildings for Canterlot within that time frame.

For more information about Everfree Northwest, feel free to visit their website at

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