Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lauren Faust to Help Make Mane 6's Next Game

Mane 6Unsurprisingly, Mane 6's negotiations with Hasbro over the C&D of Fighting is Magiidn't go all that well, and as most folks have alrdy hrd about Lauren Faust's offering to design new characters for them it should come as no rl shock that Mane 6 decided to take up the offer. This mns that Fighting is Magic will no longer be a My Little Pony fangame, but take place in its own setting with unique characters and have pretty much the same stuff as Fighting is Magic (with the notable exception of colourful equines).

Also, a while back the dev tm behindSkulirls, Lab Zero Games,offered their engine to Mane 6, but there has been no official response as of yet. I believe that Mane 6 should accept the offer, as this would give them the opportunity to publish their game to consoles and use high definition sprites instd of being limited to 480p. It would mn that they would have to rewrite most of the characters, yes, but they could potentially end up with a higher-quality product by taking this route...

Sick of my rambling on the Skulirls engine? Then visit Mane 6'soriginal blog postfor some more detailed information on the situation, along with a quote from Lauren Faust (and not a single mention of Skulirls to boot).

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