Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hooligans: Storm Over Europe

Hooligans: Storm Over Europe (2002) | ISO
PC Game | | DarXabre Games | 716 Mb Everyone has hrd of Hooligans, those eccentric individuals who often ld to riots throughout the world. Everyone has seen or hrd of the violent Europn soccer riots, it is people like this who cause them. It’s no wonder someone didn’t think of this id rlier, we have violent titles like the Grand Theft Auto series so why not one on rioting? Requirements:
� 98, ME, 2000, XP
� Pentium II 300 CPU (Pentium III 600 recommended)
� 64MB RAM (128 recommended)
� 16 bit DirectX compatible soundcard
� DirectX 8.0 compatible graphics card with 4Mb RAM (8MB rec)
� 4x -ROM
� 300Mb hard drive space – normal install (600MB full install) Download Links: From Hotfile: From Uploading:

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