Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Usually I don't bother looking at Ponychan's /collab/board, since most of it is just ponies asking for help on projects that never get past the planning stage. Given the recent lack of news I was feeling rather desperate, and I decided to browse the board to see if I could find any interesting fangames. I found several, and the first of which is a game simply titleds. As you may have probably guessed, it is about jack, and as with most games about her it is not a platformer. Pretty much all the player has to do is collect s and dodge barrels, and as the player collects more points the game moves at a faster pace.

Is it worthy of a review? Not rlly, although it's kind of fun to waste a couple minutes on it. We'll have a couple more games to post today, which may be more or less substantial than this one.

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