Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Evolva PC | 660 MB

re: Action

In the game, you command the Evolva, a tm of etically mutable "ohunters" on a mission to rid a planet on the edge of the galaxy of a world-ting parasite and its spawn. Your four ohunters are capable of mutating to incorporate es unique to the aliens you encounter on your crusade, as they physically append new wpons and morph to reflect their added abilities. You actually control the development and balance of various etic abilities in the mutation screen: ch time a ohunter mutates, you are presented with two etic paths to choose from, ch with benefits and shortcomings, until you accumulate more es to achieve a net incrse in power.

Evolva adds some slick visual touches to remind you of the ohunters' mutating abilities. Switching wpons actually causes the selected wpon to grow out of your ohunter's limbs. Different mutation paths superficially distinguish your characters over time; as they mutate, their color will change and various crests, spikes, and fins will grow on their bodies. ohunters can rn up to five levels of proficiency in various wpons and special abilities, and the higher levels of the running and jumping abilities will make the character look noticbly lner and more fit. However, such details don't mn Evolva is a virtual life game, because by and large, the superficial changes you'll see on your ohunters are just that. As such, it's unlikely that you'll make much use of the ohunter export fture, which theoretically lets you swap your mutations with your friends.

Evolva Tech Info
Publisher: Interplay
Developer: Computer Artworks
re: Action
ESRB Descriptors: Animated Blood and Gore, Animated Violence

Game Information
of Players: 1-16

Minimum System Requirements
System: PII 233 or equivalent
RAM: 128 MB
Memory: 15 MB
Hard Drive Space: 450 MB


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