Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Alien Vs Predator 2: Primal Hunt Expansion Pack

On a routine hunt on Planet LV1201 a lone Predator finds a mysterious artifact with the power to keep the savage Aliens at bay, and as led has it, even control their minds.

The Predator triggers a stasis field, trapping him for 500 yrs until Dunya, a human Corporate mercenary, unwittingly frees him and escapes with the artifact. Now the hunt is on to retrieve the mystical artifact before Dunya escapes back to the safety of the lab.

Ddly Choices

As this new interlocking story unfolds, play as Dunya the Corporate mercenary, the 500 yr old Predator, or the new lethal hybrid, PredAlien.

Devastating Wponary

Choose from an arsenal of new wpons as well as all your favorites. Mutilate your enemies with dual pistols, turret guns, and deployable sentry guns. For extra bloodshed, kill with the newly addedPredator Energy Flechette.

Dangerous Grounds

Explore never before seen Predator ruins as you make your way through 9 new single-player and 4 new multi-player levels where you'll get acquainted with new breeds of vile crtures on their own mission to stop you dd in
your tracks.


We installed the addon over an un installation of the original avp2



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