Wednesday, May 11, 2016

3000AD Universal Combat

3000AD - Universal Combat | 456MB
Game play
Universal Combat offers the player a very large game world to play in using varying forms of transport and combat. The player can pilot spaceships of varying sizes, land on and explore planets where they can then drive varying land craft, where more than 21,000 ars of interest are available to explore. The size of the playing ar is seen as one of the game's main points, where travelling from place to place can take considerable quantities of time, as there is no time compression. The game has a high lrning curve that is daunting for newer players.
The game is most notable for its high level of detail. For instance, every single crew member on the ship is tracked in loion, hunger, AI level, and fatigue. Every system onboard the players starship can be monitored and controlled. In order for the player to fly a shuttle, they must first take time to walk though the ship to the shuttle bay, forcing the player to plan ahd for tactical encounters. This often lds to a grt many instances of emert gameplay. For example, enemy boarding parties can be trapped on the ship by disabling Launch Control, which will not allow the intruders to escape via a shuttle craft or fighters.
New items include:
* 22 first person wpons plus other items
* 28 character models with over 1500 animation frames
* 4 new careers for a total of 9 playable careers
* 22 drivble vehicles
* 12 controllable thrt (e.g. SAM) units
* 10 controllable naval units (ships, subs, LCACs etc)
* 5 flyable planetary gunships
* 54 flyable space crafts (fighters, carriers, cruisers etc)
* 64 player multiplay support
The game contains 1 Advanced Campaign scenario (A Fragile Hope), 15 Instant Action scenarios.
The freeware version has fewer music tracks (the game FAQ shows how players can add their own tracks) and no multiplayer.

Minimum requirements

* XP, Vista (with all updates)
* DirectX 9.0c (April 2006) or higher
* Pentium IV 2.0 Ghz or equivalent AMD processor
* 512MB RAM
* 128MB graphics card with pixel & vertex shader 1.1
o nVidia chipsets: geForce FX, 6200, 6600
o ATI chipsets: Radeon 9500, 9600, 9700, 9800
* DirectX 9 compatible sound card
* -ROM

Recommended requirements

* XP, Vista (with all updates)
* Pentium IV 2.8 Ghz or equivalent AMD processor
* 256MB graphics card with pixel & vertex shader 2.0
o nVidia chipsets: geForce 6800 or better
o ATI chipsets: Radeon X800 or better
* Joystick

Multiplayer requirements

* LAN or broadband (cable/DSL) connection


ESRB rating




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